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Deluxe Decca Plus Hair Kit w/WHITE Pomade
(Picture does not show the 32oz Instant Conditioner included in this kit)

This Deluxe Healthy Hair Care kit includes:
1- 32oz Satin Shampoo
1- 32oz Instant Conditioner
1- 16oz Deep Conditioner
1- 16oz Scalp Therapy
1- 8oz Satin Tame
1- 12oz Pomade

This Deluxe Healthy Hair Care kit includes the White Pomade
It is a well blended combination of over 10 essential oils with a light fragrance and no color for those with allergies to smell and color (Recommended for white, grey or blonde colored hair).

The GREAT ADVANTAGE to buying the largest size of a whole kit is having your products last longer! This helps especially if you are sharing with family! You get more for your money and save on shipping costs since you don't have to order as often.

Another advantage is being able to get the full benefit of the products. Each one of the products complements one another. They are all made with essential oils to penetrate the hair and scalp thus allowing each product to properly absorb and do the job it is designed to do.

For example, one benefit would be: It is better to use the Scalp Therapy to remove buildup from the scalp to allow the Pomade to penetrate and properly nourish the scalp after it is cleansed than to use an over the counter "grease" that clogs your scalp, sits on top of your hair strands and ends up on your pillow (or worse, your clothes).

Using the whole line allows all of the products to penetrate without leaving your hair heavy (If you end up with heavy hair, it is usually caused by using too much).