Natural Beauty Products Inc.
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Our History

Since 1985, Natural Beauty Products has catered to an exclusive clientele worldwide.
The Alpha Cosmetologists of Brooklyn and New York, along with The Ohio Association of Beauticians, have recognized and honored us for our commitment and contributions to the field of cosmetology. We have made tremendous strides since our first product, Decca Plus Satin Pomade in 1983, which was debuted in the Shop Talk Magazine.
With our continuous commitment to premium quality and customer service, we have maintained and extended our products across the border. Our products are shipped out across the United States included a few countries such as Canada, Sweden, Panama and South America.
Our Hair Care Line is specially designed to cleanse, correct and moisturize. These products are especially formulated with 10 or more KEY Essential Oils that the scalp and hair require in order to grow properly.
The Decca Plus Hair Care Line is appropriate for people of diverse backgrounds from babies to adults.
Our Philosophy
From moisturizing to scientific cleansing, we provide you with the essential key ingredients to maintain healthy, beautiful hair and skin. Natural Beauty Products Inc. is dedicated to giving our customers quality service with quality products. Our relationship with our clientele remains an important focus as we continue our endeavor to making our customers happy!