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Are your products made for a specific ethnic group?
Answ: No, our products are suitable for all ethnicities, however the applications may vary depending on each individuals's hair and skin type.

Are these products available in stores?
Answ: No, Currently our products are only available through the company (www.deccaplus.com) & Beauty Salons. Our goal is to have each customer educated on the best ways to use our products. This is best accomplished through our educated cosmetologists.

What can help my hair breakage?
Answ: Our Satin Tame moisturizing spray helps to fuse split ends, provides moisture and pH balance to the hair strands. Our Deep Conditioner contains plant proteins to help strengthen hair that has been weakened by chemicals such as: relaxers, color, perms etc.

What can I do to correct dull hair?
Many things could be going on with you to contribute to this problem. When your hair is dull, most likely your cuticles are open so the light cannot properly reflect off of your hair. When your cuticles are open moisture is constantly escaping from your hair. Your water intake may also be low. Lastly, you could have excessive product build-up on your hair. We suggest you try our Scalp Therapy as a deep cleanser that will remove product build-up and Shampoo with Decca Plus Shampoo. This Shampoo was formulated to properly cleanse without adding to buildup. Once your hair is cleansed, spray the Satin Tame which is pH balanced to help close cuticles and use the Decca Plus Deep Conditioner to help strengthen the hair from possible chlorine chemical damage.

Can I incorporate a different brand of
Shampoo or conditioner when using the Decca Plus Scalp Therapy and achieve the same cleansing results?

For maximum results, use only the products of the Decca Plus Line. This will ensure proper and thorough cleansing to allow your hair optimum healthiness.

My child swims a lot during the summer. Is there a
product that I can use to protect his/her hair from the harmful effects of chemicals from the pool?

Satin Tame! It is designed to protect the hair inside and out because it penetrates! The pH of Satin Tame will neutralize the harmful effects of chemicals from all water sources. Achieve maximum protection by spraying hair liberally before water activities. Spray during swimming if spending long hours in the pool. Shampoo with Decca Plus Shampoo to rid residue of the chemicals found in the water source. Mist for the last time to lightly condition, balance pH and detangle hair.

What will it take to grow my hair?

All hair growth requires 3 things.

Proper Cleansing, Nourishing & Circulation!

We recommend starting off with 3 products.

1. Decca Plus Scalp Therapy (circulation)

2. Decca Plus Shampoo (cleansing)

3. Decca Plus Pomade (nourishing)

Can Decca Plus really re-grow my hair?

If your Dermatologist diagnosed your condition as Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Cicatricial Alopecia (Hot comb Alopecia, Scarring Alopecia) and Lichen Planopilaris, no product can help you. All the conditions mentioned above have damaging effects on the follicles.

Simple terms: They destroy the hair follicles. No hair follicles = No hair!

With proper daily use of the Decca Plus Products along with stimulation and patience: Hair re-growth is POSSIBLE! Decca Plus works by neutralizing and inhibiting DHT and the DHT receptors that causes thinning and balding. Natural ESSENTIAL ingredients will nourish, protect, stimulate and strengthen the follicles and hair. There are no worries of hair suddenly falling out once usage is stopped! And there are no pills to take once or twice a day for the rest of your life!