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“My aunt went to the doctor and he recommended the Scalp Therapy. Love the way the product smells. It smells so clean! Makes the whole room smell good.”

Flora Jackson
Vicksburg, Mississippi

"I want to tell you what a wonderful product the Scalp Therapy is. I have been using the product for years. My hair was broken, damaged and came completely out in the back. My hair has grown. It is shoulder length now. I use the Scalp Therapy treatment every day. It’s a wonderful product. It nourishes my hair. It keeps it moisturized every day. I absolutely love it. I could not manage my hair without it. It is the best hair cream I have ever used on my hair. Thank you for your wonderful product."

Baltimore, MD

"I live in Philadelphia PA. The seasons wreak havoc on my natural 4c hair. I accepted shedding in the winter as the normal pattern of my hair regimen. Decca Plus products improved my hair elasticity and my attitude. The Beautician introduced me to the Decca Plus Satin Tame product which gave a silky protection when blow drying my hair, I was hooked."

"After grabbing the bottle off of her unit stall. (which was turned around by the way) I snapped a picture of the bottle and immediately started to do my research. I ordered the Decca products and started to compare (over a calendar year) to my natural and retail treatment. Decca more than survived the winter, humid summers and medical treatments that were supposed to thin and shed my hair."

I recommend Decca products for the naturalist. They balance the pH, give moisture, and protect the hair. The products are worth the cost. As we all know natural hair treatments are not cheap. I would spend $50-$60 dollars on average each season.
Using Decca Plus I am at half that cost."

Pamela Stroman-Gibson
Philadelphia, PA

"I took my empty bottle to the beauty supply to find something similar, just to find nothing came close."

"I wish you much success with your company and products and hope you find a distributor in my area."

Tulsa, OK

"The Instant Conditioner is my favorite right now. I wear a weave and it was dyed blonde, dry and damaged. I applied a drop of Instant Conditioner on my hands and rubbed it in and it transformed that weave. Now I’m going to be using it for a daily conditioner for it. I thank you for making your product."

Joanne Blunt
Massillon, OH

"One of my clients was going through hair loss from taking blood pressure pills. I worked along with her doctor and she was taken off the pills that caused her hair loss. She was totally bald at the top of her head. Using Decca Plus, her hair filled back in quickly. It took hardly any time, it came back in thick and full, and she’s very happy with that!"

"I have another client who comes to me once a month because she is college student. She has “mixed” textured hair and it’s really thick and very long. I use the satin tame and pomade on her hair and it stays straight the whole month! When she comes back to me it’s still straight! So I know it works very well."

Using the Scalp Therapy on my own hair: I had an infection from surgery that started spreading onto my forehead and into my scalp and my hair came out bad. The Scalp Therapy not only removed the infection from my scalp until I was able to find the right medication. It kept the infection from sitting in my scalp and causing more hair loss! Today my hair is back thicker and fuller! So I’m looking forward to better results and I just wanted to let you know how Decca was changing the world!"

LeTrice Harris/Cosmetologist
Letrice Creations Salon
Chicago, IL

"I have been using the Decca Plus Products for about 3 months now after returning back to the products. I had a small bald spot in the front of my hair but after using my Scalp Therapy and conditioner, I am happy and glad to say that I no longer have a bald spot! My hair has increased, is thick and strong. I am happy with my product!"

Tara Sheilds Little
Pure Essence Salon
Chicago, IL

"After my hair grew back from Chemotherapy, I put a relaxer on it and got a big bald spot in the middle. I decided I was going to go natural so I went to a Salon and she told me if I want my hair to grow back to use the Decca Plus Products (Scalp Therapy). I’ve been using it ever since. My bald spot filled in and my hair is a whole lot thicker. What I like most about the Scalp Therapy is it has changed the texture of my hair. Before I started using Decca Plus, in order for me to get curls in my hair, I would have to use 2-3 other products that are supposed to curl your hair. But now all I have to do is put the Scalp Therapy on my scalp. Twist it at night and the next morning I have curls all over my hair. I use the Decca Plus Shampoo and Instant Conditioner also. But my favorite is the Decca Plus Scalp Therapy. I just Love it, love it love it!"

Charlotte Frater
Dallas, TX

"I have used the Satin tame on my daughter’s hair that is 4yrs old. It has been a tremendous help. I have other little clients between 3-12yrs old with natural and relaxed hair. As we know some children can be extremely tender headed. But using the products has really helped even after wearing the hair for two weeks when shampooing the hair it is still so soft and manageable. Please don’t ever stop making this product. It is imperative that you continue to make it. Little black girls everywhere really need. I really love the products. It has been an extremely great help in the manageability and hair growth especially in the desert climate we live in Arizona. I really do appreciate the product and what it has done with my client’s and my own daughter’s hair. Even my sons have very dry scalp. When I spray it on after a haircut, it helps manage that as well."

Nikki from Fay’s hair graphics Salon
Glendale, Arizona

"I have several clients that are currently using your product that absolutely love it and seem to benefit in their scalp and hair. My husband uses it also. I’m very pleased with this product. Keep up the good work."

Alnetta Fay Cooper Fay’s hair graphics Salon
Glendale, Arizona

"I have tried the scalp and deep and they are absolutely awesome. I was introduced to the product from a blog about alopecia. Decca plus was suggested to help these scalp conditions. I bought it and tried it and I am absolutely thrilled. Continue the great work. All women need products they can believe in and I believe in Decca Plus."

Dr. Audrey Forest Carter
Greensboro, NC

"I took a Decca Plus Class in Columbus, GA. I went home and used the Decca Deep Conditioner. I loved it. So I did one of my client’s hair with it. I actually set her hair with the Decca Plus Deep Conditioner with the rollers. When I took it out, her hair was phenomenal. I’ve never seen a conditioner that you can set hair with. Another one of my clients complains about her hair always being dry. So I wrapped her hair with the same conditioner. It was great. Man I just love these products. It’s a good product!"

"I also noticed that day after I left the class that my hair weave was a little bushy. So I took the deep conditioner, emulsified it in my hand and pulled it through my weave. It really tamed it."

Sharon Petit
Columbus, GA

"I live in Brooklyn, NY. I use the Decca Plus Products, which are very effective on my hair, especially the Pomade and Satin Tame. It’s very nice. I recommend anybody to try it. It would be helpful!"

Stemela Jean
Brooklyn, NY

"When I was living in Ohio my hairdresser sold the Decca Plus Products. My hair is very finicky and always has been. It breaks off a lot and the Decca Plus Products seemed to be the thing that kept my hair strong and healthy. I moved back to Oregon where I began calling to order the products. I tried some other products but it didn’t work. So I stuck to using Decca Plus. I call to order whenever I need it because the products here in my state don’t help my hair stay strong and healthy. It starts breaking off when I’m not using it. The Satin Tame is wonderful. My hair is very course it is great with detangling and being able to comb my hair. The pomade is great with helping me not to get so brittle and dry. I am a believer in your products!"

Ishawn Ealy
Salem, Oregon

"I was introduced to the Decca Plus Products from my Trichologist as my hair is thinning. I purchased my first set of products from her. I called Natural Beauty Products and spoke to the Educator there (Cynthia) who was enormously helpful in assisting me on how to use the products. It is a marvelous product. I’m using the Satin Tame more now and my hair has increased in elasticity and my hair is much softer."

Yvonne Watson
SouthPort, NC

“I have been using Scalp Therapy for 12 years. No other scalp product helps my hair. I really love the product. The people are really courteous when taking my order. Keeps my hair moisturized and the texture of my hair is better when I oil it. My hair has grown and it is easy to manage when using Scalp Therapy.”

Nettie Swain
Meridian, Mississippi